Bigfoot Scat

In this video we take a look at a scat sample I found while hiking to a beaver dam to shoot some video of the beavers in action. I found it unusual in that it was a different size and composition than most scat I came across.

One thought I had was that it may have been a very large domestic breed dog, due to the size of this scat, but the composition consisted strictly of fresh animal kill of some sort. There were chunks of undigested meat, skin, bones and hair. It was difficult to determine what kind of animal whatever left this scat had killed of course, and as I had no equipment to conserve the scat for laboratory analysis, I had to leave it there.

Judging by responses made by a few biologists I made inquiries to, there are a few possibilities. The first possibility based upon the size suggests a wild domestic dog, but not likely due to the location it was found. A second possibility suggest an eastern gray wolf, but unlikely as there isn’t supposed to be any wolves in Maine. The third possibility, and the most likely, according to two of the biologists I questioned is that this scat came from what is called a coy-wolf. This is a hybrid cross with the mating of an eastern grey wolf and a coyote.

But a definitive answer is still waiting to be found. Until then, enjoy the video, and happy Squatching!

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Does Bigfoot Exist?

Recently, there has been an uptick in the numbers of people calling foul play in the greater Bigfoot community. Why is that, some of us tend to wonder. Then there’s other folks who really don’t give a rat’s ass about it, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their stage time. And there in a nutshell is the biggest impediment to finding the answer to the question of whether there really is a creature we call Bigfoot. Stage time.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, and actually paying attention, my interest in the Bigfoot phenomenon extends to the folklore behind this so-called urban myth, not just to the modern day vagueness of the current slew of reported sightings and encounters. In my book Sasquatch; searching for the answer, I delve into the chronology of some of the phenomenon that have dotted the folklore of many nations since the beginning of written history, with special emphasis on the sea serpents bracing the early to mid nineteenth century literature. It turns out that Maine in particular, or to be more precise, Casco Bay, has quite a little history of that particular creature.

My findings of the time period mentioned is that the phenomenon of the sea serpent has much the same chronological history of the Bigfoot phenomenon we are enjoying today. in short, the life cycle of the creature ebbed and flowed in much the same way as the life cycle of this current crypto-zoological  entity seems to be ebbing and flowing today. Stories of monsters an mysteries have always been present through the ages, and many of these stories keep resurfacing every so often with surprising regularity, and their life cycle follows the same pattern, century after century.

In short, the chronological histories of these creatures goes like this:

  • A myth, legend, or fairy tale from a prior generation is revived, often by someone claiming to see the creature.
  • The story is laughed at, and the believers are ridiculed.
  • Other people show an interest, and the numbers of people involved in this creatures study or research increase.
  • The believers move from the category of being lunatic fringe to “maybe there is something there.”
  • Some people see the trend and decide to take advantage of an opportunity to gain easy money and reputation.
  • The belief that this creatures existence becomes more widespread, involving a much wider audience.
  • Aficionados and sideline believers become more intensely involved with searching for the answer, and subsequently divide into groups or categories of varied levels of belief or acceptance of the creature. These categories range from the outright skeptic to the adoring believers with an almost religious fascination to the creatures existence.
  • The scientific community becomes involved, and disputes arise over the facts of this creatures existence.
  • Further splits arise amongst those following the creature, resulting in diametrically opposed factions, one side only interested in empirical evidence, the other insisting they have presented the evidence but nobody believes them.
  • Interest begins to wane, and the people interested in earning  the fame and fortune of this creature opportunity formulate new ways of stirring up interest.
  • It finally dawns on most of the believers that there really is nothing to see here and move on to another interest, usually a different mythology.
  • Interest simmers, kept barely alive by a faithful few until another generation comes along and renews the cycle of the mythological creature in its many forms.

Bigfoot is not a new phenomenon. We are now in the waning stages of this current generations interest of what we call Bigfoot. Prior to this, in the early 1900’s, there was the commotion over what were called “ape-men.” In the mid 1800’s there was a flurry of activity over the “wild-man of the woods.” Before that it was the “wild-man of the mountains.”

Even before that, there were other names and vague descriptions, but in the end, we have always come to the same conclusion that this mythological creature walks like a man on two feet, is covered with hair, cannot speak as we do, hides in the darkness of the forest, and sometimes is even a cannibal. For thousands of years there has always been, as Linnaeus called him, a Sylvestri hominie, or wild-man.

So, to get back to the question, does Bigfoot exist, I believe I can say with absolute certainty that yes indeed, Bigfoot does exist. Do I have proof? Not one shred, but that doesn’t really matter in the long run, because like religion, existence of this creature depends more upon faith than it does facts. There is something out there in the dark forests of the world that leaves tracks, drops piles of scat, cries in the night and creates lovely artwork with interwoven piles of sticks.

Most of the time, we can easily find an alternate attribution to the reasons these things exist, but every now and then, we come across something that makes us truly ponder the possibilities. Bigfoot does indeed exist, even if it is only in the resources of our mind, and it exists for very simple reasons.

For one thing, throughout the ages mankind has always had something to fear. There are lots of things for us to fear, but for the most part, what we fear most is the unseen. The forms that lurk in the shadows of our mind. And because we haven’t the courage to confront those shadows, we also need a hero to battle those fears. Every so often, we come across a mythology that accomplishes these two things all at once.

The wild-man of the woods, Bigfoot as we call him today, is indeed a creature that lurks in the forests of our minds, and at the same time becomes the hero we need to overcome those fears of the unknown.

happy Squatching!

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A Bigfoot Trackway

In today’s video, I share a January hike where I came across an interesting trackway in one of my research areas. It was difficult to tell how big the original tracks were as they were at least a week old, and as we all know, the weather quickly plays havoc with any tracks left in the snow.

This trackway was definitely bipedal in nature, and was confusing at first until I realized that there was actually two different beings traveling this trail. Was it a Bigfoot? Well, since I did not see the tracks being made I cannot say for certain. It could certainly have been made by a human. However, there is one thing to consider.

That one thing is the fact that this trackway did not go towards the highway, which was about 3/4 mile from where I found the tracks. It came off a frozen river, and went back onto a frozen river. There was no indication as to which way the trail led once on the ice.

So, watch the video and come to your own conclusions.

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A Yukon Bigfoot Account

A Yukon Bigfoot Account is taken from a 1904 issue of the Yukon World newspaper, under the title of “Wild Man of Woods; missing link on Vancouver Island?” The article shares the search for a wild man on the island, commonly referred to by the local Indians as a ‘man-monkey’ and the description matches many of today’s Bigfoot descriptions. Follow along as Bigfoot Tales shares the story of the Yukon Bigfoot Account.

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Searching for Bigfoot & Underground Secrets

Welcome back to Bigfoot Tales, and if this is your first visit, I welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit and return for more!

In this video episode of Bigfoot Tales I continue on with some more footage of a couple of days worth of investigation into a trackway I had started to follow. As a bit of background, I had come across some sign one evening while on a hike into the area, and found some compelling evidence, so compelling I believe I may have stumbled onto an actual group of Sasquatch.

You can view the previous videos for more details on how I got to that point, but today’s video is actually of the follow up visit to determine what exactly what it was that made the sounds that I heard, and if I could find some tracks to indicate what the shape I had seen moving across and over the hill in the darkness. It was too dark to clearly make out what it was, so it could have been anything, but it moved pretty darn fast, whatever it was.

Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date with Bigfoot Tales!

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I’m going to be adding or updating my Bigfoot Tales videos here every couple a days to get caught up to date, since I haven’t had time to really give this blog as much time I’d like to give it. But I have plenty of time now soooooo….here we go with a continuation of my last adventure video in “a further investigation into a trackway.”

In this episode, I continue on the trackway to where I left off last time. You’ll hear a tree break at about 6:05 into the video. Did a Bigfoot make the break? Who knows, I heard it but didn’t see it.

The big reason I went back is because at the end of the previous nights visit to this location I had a possible Bigfoot encounter. (this was last fall (2013) by the way) I had heard some commotion in the brush, and as the ability to record degraded I spied a large mass moving very rapidly diagonally over the hill from where I was standing. You can see from the first minute of the video how bad it was. There was something there, but while I could see it with my eyes, the 2d images on the camera really don’t show anything. Someday I may make a stab at improving the video I haven’t shown here, but that’s for some other time.

For now, enjoy the video, and happy Squatching folks!

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Could Bigfoot be Human

Well, I’ve finally completed my latest work, titled; Could Bigfoot Be Human. The book encompasses over two hundred pages of some of my research into the folklore and history behind the creature that we call Bigfoot today. Historically referred to as the Wildman of the woods, this creature has been around since our early days, and many questions surround its existence.

The price is twenty dollars per copy, plus shipping. As the days go by I’ll be popping in some excerpts here on Bigfoot Tales for you enjoyment. Happy Squatching folks!

Here’s a link in case you are interested:

(by the way, the cover image doesn’t show for some reason, I’ll try to get that fixed.)

Could Bigfoot be Human?

 Paperback, 208 Pages
Price: $20.00
Ships in 3-5 business days
Could Bigfoot Be Human is an exploration into the possibility the creature we call Bigfoot may very well be some kind of human, albeit primal in nature. We’ll look at some of the arguments and evidence indicating that there very well could be a way for Bigfoot to be of human descent.
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